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Cayenne and Capsaicin Creations

Cayenne and Capsaicin Creations


If you are anything like me you probably have an excess of spiciness left over from the gardening season. I grew every pep

per I could get my hands on; habaneros, jalapenos, Thai chilies, green chilies, Carolina reapers, cherry peppers, and even ghost peppers….. funny thing is, I’m not even a heat enthusiast. However, I LOVE to add cayenne to just about every meal, even if it’s just a pinch. So, I’m happy for the bountiful harvest.

If you didn’t know, cayenne has long been known for its circulatory and digestive benefits. It is a warming herb, and therefore can also be used as a heat agent to treat sore joints and muscles.

Because of it’s pro-circulatory benefits, I chose to turn my cayenne peppers into a medicinal suave.  I experience Raynaud’s phenomenon which causes the vessels in my hands and feet to periodically constrict and reduce blood flow, causing them to get quite blue and cold. While not life limiting, it sure can be annoying. So, I’m slathering my tootsies in this concoction for a couple weeks to see if I notice a decrease in occurrences. If nothing else, the oil should help out the gnarly calluses on these hippie feet at least!

First I used a double boiler method to heat up my peppers in olive oil to extract the capsaicin. I then let the peppers marinat


e in the oil overnight. The next day I strained out the peppers and slowly warmed up some beeswax until the mixture was well combined (about 1/4 cup beeswax per 1 cup oil). I then added arnica oil for added pain relief and wintergreen essential oil to cover up the smell. I tested a small amount of the mixture in the freezer to make sure the consistency was correct before putting my finished product in its designated jar. Word to the wise, gloves are always helpful when working with spicy peppers!

Today was day 1 of use…. I let you all know how it works!



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